Our company has made remarkable strides since we first established our business. Combining the high-quality assets, team and stability of a blue chip company with the disciplined-strategic focus of a boutique business. This combination has allowed us to achieve a highly desirable portfolio by migrating our capital into the highest density markets between D.C. and Boston, while establishing a solid balance sheet.

We owe our success record to our core values:

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Collaboration & Collegiality

A culture— defined by collaboration, collegiality and a long-term employee ownership model—is a key component to our success and exemplary management team.

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Everyday Excellence

We strive to achieve excellence in every element of the work we do each day.

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Disciplined Strategic Focus

We seek consistent portfolio and corporate performance through rigorous analytics and effort.

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Alignment with Our Shareholders

We have a long-term employee ownership model that rewards performance and aligns our interests with our shareholders.

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Risk Management

We carefully underwrite investment opportunities to ensure we achieve attractive returns on capital for our shareholders.

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